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Cincinnati base


Meetings replaced with Zoom meetings due to Coronavirus

Ted Campbell Eternal Patrol
USS Thresher/Scorpion Display Raffle Flyer
Base Elections...2020
The Base Elections have been tallied and the new Base Officers are :
Base Commander...David Ashley
Vice Commander...VACANT
Treasurer...Joe Koize
Secretary...Tom Fisher

• The Cincinnati Base Nominating Committee was formed at the January Meeting
• Nominations will be closed at the March Meeting
• Base Election and swearing in of new Officers will be at the April Meeting
• Prerequisites for officers can be found in By-Laws Article VI

• Duties of Officers can be found in By-Laws Article VII

The American Submariner did an article on our member Walter "Gus" Kraus.  The article can be found in the 1st Quarter 2019 issue or click here.

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